The PIR ​​model

Prefer, Indifferent and Reject (FIA) is a customer model used in sales and marketing to segment customers based on their reactions and attitudes towards a product or service. Here is a brief explanation of each segment:

  1. Prefer:

    • Characteristics: The Prefer segment includes customers who respond positively to your product or service. They have a favorable attitude and are likely to choose your solution over the competition.
    • Objective: The objective is to maintain and strengthen the relationship with these customers, as they already show interest and inclination towards your offer.
  2. Indifferent:

    • Characteristics: The indifferent segment consists of customers who are indifferent or indifferent to your product or service. They don't have strong feelings or preferences for or against your offer.
    • Objective: The objective is to explore opportunities to increase their interest and engagement, perhaps through customizations or additions to your solution.
  3. Reject:

    • Characteristics: The reject segment includes customers who have a negative attitude or are not interested in your product or service. Their needs or preferences do not match what you offer.
    • Goal: The goal is to understand the reasons for the rejection and determine if there is an opportunity to adapt your offer or if there are other segments that better match your solutions.

This model helps companies differentiate their approach depending on customer response and build strategies to address each segment. It can also help identify areas where there is opportunity to improve the product or communication to appeal more broadly to the market.

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