Sales roles

The three sales roles - product sales, solution sales and relationship sales - represent different approaches and focal points in the sales process. Here is a brief explanation of each role:

  1. Product sales:

    • Focus: Product sales focus primarily on highlighting and selling the specific features and functions of a product.
    • Method: The salesperson presents the product, its benefits and how it meets the customer's immediate needs.
    • Target group: Typically used when customers have clearly defined requirements and are looking for a concrete product.
  2. Solution sales:

    • Focus: Solution selling takes a more holistic approach by identifying the customer's challenges and presenting a tailored solution.
    • Methodology: The salesperson works closely with the customer to understand their needs and offers a comprehensive solution that may include multiple products or services.
    • Target group: Used when customers have complex problems that require an integrated approach and tailored solutions.
  3. Relationship selling:

    • Focus: Relationship selling is about building long-term connections and strengthening the customer-seller relationship.
    • Method: The salesperson focuses on understanding the customer's needs, builds trust and creates a positive customer experience through personal relationships.
    • Target group: Used when emphasis is placed on long-term partnerships and repeat business.

Each sales role has its own strengths and areas of application, and the choice of role often depends on the product or service, customer needs and market dynamics. Some situations may require a combination of these roles, depending on the complexity of the customer's requirements.

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